Tuesday, August 10, 2010

SpongeBob SquarePants. Moar Like FetishPants Amirite?

This page isn't nearly as big as the SSB one,so I'll put all the entries in this one.(Except the replys). It's a really short page,and that is definitily for the good.Let's start.

"The episode Squirrel Jokes had a scene where Spongebob is inflated by Sandy filling him up with water."

I saw that episode. Spongebob ends up being the same size as Sandy's house. Sandy used that to torture him because he was making fun of her.Why am I making a summary of the episode? Because I prefer to talk about anything but inflation fetishes.

"In Overbooked, Sandy gets a Panty Shot."

I haven't seen that particular episode,but...really? When Sandy is in her house,she spents all the time in bikini,so that shouldn't surprise. Anyway, this was very probably written by a furry,since those people are the only ones who get turned on by a cartoon squirrel. Since there are so many of them in Tv Tropes,I'll just talk about the most disturbing cases.

"This troper finds the scene in the episode Ghost Host where Spongebob turns into an octopus oddly.... appealing, to say the least."

I guess this one is a case of a transformation fetish. This is a common fetish in Tv Tropes,and you will find it in every page where it can fit.But this case is particularly strange,since it's a sponge turning into a octopus. It's like "Oh man,the only way Spongebob could be more attractive is transforming into an octopus".Ugh

"One episode had Spongebob nude."

 I guess this person has a boner every time he washes the dishes.

"There is a furless scene of Sandy"
I'm confused.Does this mean that for furries the equivalent of being nude is this? Well, I won't look it in Google,I have enough reading about it.

"Two Words: Maid Spongebob."

Two Words: You pervert.

"Whenever Sandy flexes, especially in Karate Island."
Man,is Sandy the Ms Fanservice of the show or what? No love for Pearl or Mr Krabs mom? Those furries have no love for sea creatures.

"Of course, there must be some fans who watch this show purely for the ridiculous amount of Ho Yay."

Yeah, the Slashfic writers and Yaoi Fangirls.I wouldn't call them fans,I would call them worse things.

"Recent episodes have a lot of Foot Focus"

Foot fetishism is one of the most common and accepted fetishism in real life,and no person with an open mind will call you on it if you have one.Until you mention SpongeBob.Then they will  call the police.

"This troper likes Spongebob's burglar costume from the episode "Gift of Gum". It looks so cute on him!"
And that finishes it. For being a series with only two human characters it sure has a long article. With no mention of those human characters. Wait...*reads the article again* No mention of Squidward and his tentacles? Damn,Tropers,you dissapoint me.


  1. you people are stupid you have no idea what a furry is dont you? furries are not turned on by animals but by real people they like to draw porn of animals Made In Anthro form to look like humans but they are bad anyways

    about the pantyshot thats nothing just a bathing suit she always wears about the fur less episodes 2 of them 1 she wasnt naked because she had the purple suit The other one her fur was stolen but she had an extra suit that she uses to bathe she was called nude but she wasn't

    about the writers one of the voice actors is the writers " Doug Lawrence" voice of plankton and others like Larry of many episodes along overbooked , so it think he's not a furry lol

  2. also spongebob is naked full on more episodes and its not like they drew him a penis or did they? wow learn your things then write