Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pokemon Part Two : The Bestiality Kicks In!

Yeah,the second part. The article is full of Furries and Shota, so I'm not going to list them all. So this post is gonna be shorter than the first one.

"No one's mentioned MEWTWO? For this troper's he's the best thing about the anime series: Tragic origins, strangely humaniod and alien at the same time, very flawed and deep, and has touches of heartwarming roles like Overprotective Dad and Papa Wolf for his fellow clones. Not to mention when Dan Green's voicing him, and he's a Woobie-tastic badass psychic... Good Grief, he's practically the River Tam of the franchise! Not to This Troper's surprise, he's got fanarts with Lucario (Furries) and Gardevoir (Fangirls)..."

Hey, if you like cat-alien things I don't got anything against it. Wait. Yes,yes I do. But Metwo is nowhere near to a deep character. No one in Pokemon is.

"And then there's the significant amount of Power Perversion Potential one could get by combining a Poke Ball and Bill's faulty teleporter that turns people into Pokemon. Just make sure you have the right badges for high-level members of the opposite sex"

Why on the mother on fuck would you want to turn a human into a Pokemon in order to fuck him? It wouldn't be better to just have sex with human? Oh,and the badges so people don't try to resist when they are getting raped. I need to stop overthinking about Fetish Fuel articles.

"Latias. Cute, playful and sweet. Oh yeah, sight-sharing, and a telepath. Oh and a shapeshifter."

Cute, playful and sweet. Don't you just wanna fuck it after reading this?

"Reshiram was obviously intended as fetish fuel. I mean seriously, what could be the point of that "hair" sticking out between its legs?"

Hmmm * Goes check out picture of Reshiram * Oh SHIT how I'm gonna clean the puke of the computer now?

"Pokemon themselves are powerful creatures that are potentially as intelligent as humans (they can even communicate in various ways even if they can't talk), who often enter into what appears to be a subservient relationship of their own free will, And, as mentioned above, they don't find little things like Genus or Species to be an effective deterrent to mating, and often develop deep attachments to humans. In other words, Bestiality with about 50% of what's abhorrent about it removed."

 Oh my god where do I start. 50%?  That means that 50% of what makes it abhorrent is still there. Like,you know, having sex with a FUCKING animal? And the worst thing is that the people below him don't call him a pervert or mock him. No,they fucking agree with him! One even says that removes EVERYTHING bad about bestiality. People,just a word: YOU WANT TO FUCK POKEMON. That's bad in every possible way. And don't even try to justify yourselves. All your silly arguments can be rebutted with the phrase I typed in caps above. Come on, go ahead. I'm ready to copy paste it

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