Friday, September 3, 2010

Weird Fetishes sell. ( Advertising )

You wouldn't expect something so harmless-looking like the "Advertising" article to be material for this blog. Well, yes it is. Sorry, I can't come with anything witty to write here.

"A German ad for Tampax brand tampons involves a woman, naked except for white panties and goggles, being sprayed with red liquid. The camera zooms in on her torso, then her face being covered with the red liquid, then zooms back out to display her still pristine white panties, despite being otherwise completely covered in the "blood"."

Watching "The Shining" with this person must be really weird. You know, for the erections and all that.

"There was a European commercial for fruit and vegetables that had them popping and dripping all over women's faces."

 That commercial was a parody of the concept "Sex Sells". Well, this person obviously didn't get the joke.

"The Orangina advertisements. It's like the ad crew, when asked to create an animal mascot group that would appeal to adults, went online and downloaded as much Furry porn as they could, for reference. Words cannot do it justice."

Oh my God, the furries have gained access to the publicity bussiness! They are gaining power, I told you! Soon, the whole planet will be theirs and no one will be safe! It's time to panic!!!! Seriously though, I have to agree that that commercial is so obviously furry appealing that I can't really criticize that Troper for putting it in.

"There was a commercial for Hardee's in which people are "measuring" how big their mouths are - by stuffing their fists, or a huge stack of straws. An article for Slate even comment on how they managed to get this one in general hours."

I bet the Goatse guy used the same methods seen in that commercial. There, if you ever found that commercial sexually appealing I ruined it forever. I'm a bastard like that.

"Subservient Chicken, anyone?"

No, non, nein, не, Não, Nu, Ej, δεν, Yok, ううん,  نو... well, I think you get it.
 Ok, one more

"The infamous Carls Jr. commercials with Paris Hilton in a skimpy black outfit washing a car is considered hot by a certain section of the populace."

I can understand furry. I can understand Shota and Loli. I can understand inflation, bestialism, vorephilia. I can even understand that someone feels sexually aroused by "2 girls 1 cup". But Paris Hilton ? You are seriously messed up.

"The new M&M's Premiums commercials with the green M&M dancing around and licking chocolate off her fingers suggestively all while being showered with little M&M's like flower petals. Hotness!!"

-The guy with no name that shows up for no reason in " The Room" to make out with his girlfriend says : "Chocolate is a symbol of love".

"The new Old Navy ads featuring talking mannequins can be somewhat appealing if you have an inanimate TF fetish...Or So I Heard."

You know, it's called Uncanny Valley for a reason.

" This Capri Sun spot, which has a young Asian girl's hands and feet turned into whoopee cushions. Some kind of weird crossover between bondage, Lolicon, and inflation. And why the lingering shots of her feet? "

You know, when it features live actions humans is not really Lolicon. Just saying that.

"This German anti sexual abuse ad manages to mix Fetish Fuel, Squick, Misaimed Fandom, Naughty Tentacles, Poes Law, Uncanny Valley, Star Fish Alien, Nightmare Fuel, Mars Needs Women, Does This Remind You Of Anything, Freud Was Right, and Puppeteer Parasite all in one ad. And notice that she never actually attacks it or even attepts to stop it, Her worst reaction is in middle age, when she's like "Awe, I'm about to get raped again. Oh well."

I tried to watch that and I couldn't make it to the half, so I'll let the Tropers respond for me :

  • This troper (who, admittedly, has had close brushes with sexual abuse in the past) found the ad intensely creepy. If you aren't into tentacle rape, the whole sinuous snake thing textured like human flesh is Nausea Fuel right off the bat. Since childhood, the woman in the ad is just resigned to having this thing draped all over her. It's not the sexual abuse that continues, but the scars it leaves. Hell, this troper is into tentacle porn and it made her want to gag.
  • Well, I think that indicates how unsuccessful the ad is; when the only people who are creeped out are the ones who've been through it, I think it's safe to say you've screwed up.
  • When your reaction to this ad is "o hai, Fetish Fuel", I think it's safe to say, YOU're messed up.
Thanks. I couldn't say it better. Mainly because I suck at English.

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