Sunday, September 26, 2010

You think that's bad? Remember the Family Guy article?

Yep,I am alive. I have been busy with school and other IRL shit, so I think you people will understand that I'm slowing down the frequency of the posts.
Anyway, today we are looking at the Family Guy article. Before I even start, I have to say that I don't understand people being turned on by anything that Seth McFarlane draws. The characters are so B^U that I find it impossible even when they rely in very obvious Fan Service.

Well,let's see this. This will be a short one.

"And it's entirely possible that Peter has a cuckold fetish, as he was seriously juiced to find out Lois used to be a KISS groupie, and Brian has hinted that Lois hasn't even been faithful in marriage. "

You say cuckold fetish, I say blind stupidness. That's the joke,Peter is such an idiot that he doesn't realize that Lois cheating on him is something bad.

"Family Guy also had Chris' hot teacher Mrs. Lockhart, who stored everything in her big, bouncy cleavage. I've never wanted to be a piece of chalk, a sword, or an entire classroom's worth of test papers so badly in my life. "

AND SHE MARRIES TO A BEAR. OmG this furry troper almost dies when (s)he watched it the first time because... I can't do it, I can't go on like this,I tried writing like someone who writes in FF and I just can't. I have zero talent. *sob*

"This troper is fairly certain someone has the hots for Joe. A well-built, good looking man in a wheelchair. And the fact that he can't have sex undoubtedly sets off a few eunuch fetishists. "

Eunuch fetishists? Why? How can someone be excited by an eunuch? What do you think you can do with an eunuch? Look at him while he doesn't have sex to you? Wow, that sounds sexy.

"Brian, a dog, gets with human women."

And that is quite cool,because, you know, hi stiffs his little dog pink thingy in a woman's vagina. And he probably makes those funny movements dogs make when they are humping each other. Well, time to eat lunch.

"In the "Really starting to wonder about Seth McFarlane..." files, they seem to show women on the toilet an awful lot. "

IS POTTY HUMOUR. That's it. Seth McFarlane thinks poop = hilarious. His only fetish is making gallons of money thanks to fart jokes.

"Meg, definitely. Canon may try to make her seem as hideous as possible, but they didn't take a few things into account: Glasses, Yandere tendencies, chubby chasers. Hell, just check the Family Guy folder at Next to Lois, Meg is the most commonly drawn female character. "

Ah,Family Guy porn. That thing that is so,so,so,so,so badly drawn. No one should masturbate to this. Is like paying for an account in

"This troper thinks she's hot too! Glasses, a little chubby, Deadpan Snarker look in her face, loser status, and having a nerd always stalking her. She has three geeky loser friends who also wear glasses! "

Deadpan Snarker? That's the usual McFarlane expression. Everybody has it in these cartoons. B^U.

"Stewie and, most of, his girlfriends. Bonus points for the Foe Yay with his half-brother and his odd friendship with Brian."

And this is the kind of people who looks at babyfur,if you ever wondered.

Since this is short, I'll like to share with you the results of an investigation I've been doing during this summer. I've come to the conclusion that Chris Bores, Tim Buckley and Seth McFarlane are the same person. Here are some evidences.

  •   The three of them are famous thanks to copying a popular concept.
  •   Their works are a case of  Love It or Hate It
  •   They have a similar sense of humor consisting in random jokes not always relating to the story and the use of violence as a punchline
  •   Their characters are rather inexpressive.
  •   Their attempts to drama or seriousness have been poorly received.
  •   They are fat.


  1. Is a meme based in Tim Buckley's "Ctrl-Alt-Del" is just a emoticon of a expressionless face.